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This is an RPG based on the hit CBS show Criminal Minds.
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 Jennifer "JJ" Jareau

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PostSubject: Jennifer "JJ" Jareau   Jennifer "JJ" Jareau Icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2009 10:38 pm

Character Name: Jennifer "JJ" Jareau

Appearance: Young,stylish, blond hair, blue-eyed all-American athletic young woman; approximately 30 years old

Personality: Energetic, serious, strong, compassionate, comtemplative, can be playful and a little snarky

Other: Has a infant son named Henry, boyfriend Will, is very close to all the members of the team especially Penelope Garcia and Spencer Reid. JJ is the glue that holds the team together. JJ is so much more that just the BAU Press Liaison; in addition to handling the press, she decides which cases to present to the team, is the coordinator between the team and local law enforcement officials, and often comforts the victims and/or their families.

Writing Sample: JJ decided to cut her maternity leave 3 weeks short. As much as she loves her son and being with him, this nightmare she calls her job would not let her stay away any longer. She told herself that it would be easier on Henry if she stole away while he was still sleeping but the truth was, it was easier on her. So she left the house early this morning stopping only to give him a gentle kiss on his little blond head, go over his schedule once again with Will, and kiss Will goodbye. Grabbing her ever present cup of coffee, her ready bag, and her car keys, she headed to the only place that would have ever pulled her away from her family. She headed to her other family, the ones that she had worked with so hard to end the nightmares; nightmares that were actual living, breathing entities in this world. She was ready to roll up her sleeves and dive back into the abyss.
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Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
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