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This is an RPG based on the hit CBS show Criminal Minds.
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 Reason for this Section...

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PostSubject: Reason for this Section...   Reason for this Section... Icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 1:46 pm

Okay...I was thinking that because the way the show works we have to have some sort of place to disscuss RP suggestions. That way we can still have fun but we're all speaking the same language. If you have an idea for a killer or something I think it would be great if you played the unsub. I'll post my idea next as Reid so you can understand more clearly what I'm talking about however this means that if your the unsub you can't interogate as your other main character (so if I'm the unsub, Reid can't interogate him/her) cuz then I'm just playing myself and it gets dull.

I'm not sure if it'll work but after we get enough people maybe we could turn it into something like "Clue" that way we don't know the exact answer...Just throwing out ideas...
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Reason for this Section...
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