Criminal Minds

This is an RPG based on the hit CBS show Criminal Minds.
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 SSA Dr.Spencer Reid

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SSA Dr.Spencer Reid

SSA Dr.Spencer Reid

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Character Name: Spencer Reid

Appearance: Tall and lanky Spencer Reid is the cliche look of the always loved 'geek', he even comes with bug-eyed glasses in his limited edition. Even though his brown hair is a little too long and somethimes too shaggy for the Marines, Reid is almost always clean shaven. His choice of attire is usually a simple white button up shirt with some kind of tie. Simple yet eloquent.

Personality: Again as a cliche 'geek' Spencer has trouble in social situations especially when it comes to the opposite sex. The two things that give him confidence are his ability to spit out statistics for everything ever like a text book and his ability of optical illusions aka magic! He has an unspoken bond of brotherly love between Derek Morgan who sometimes takes him under his wing to help with the female sort. Sadly Spencer's self-confidence is not the only demon he has: His mother Diana Reid is a certified Schizophrenic which has been proven to be a genetic mental issue and this knowledge has Reid worried one day he'll begin to hear the voices...Best of all though Spencer is the all around good guy who puts himself in as much danger, maybe even more than the rest of the team to protect innocent people.

Other: He has 3 PhDs in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics, as well as 6 BAs. He has an eidetic memory, an IQ of 187 and he can read 20,000 words per minute.

Writing Sample:
Spencer looked back at the white board frustrated with himself. "All the pieces are here. Why can't I put them together?" he asked in silent thought. His chocolate eyes scanned the board over and over every now and then pausing on the photos of the strangled girls. His stomach lurched forward as normal and as normal he shook it off without even a hint to the outside world how much it hurt to look at yet another victim. He shook his head causing his hair to fall out from behind his ear. A sudden revelation took over as he moved his attention to the maps tacked up on the wall, red push pins marked the were the victims were dropped while yellow marked the homes. Just like that his mind swirled with images one connection to another the picture wasn't mathematical but it was astronomical -literally. The picture made the constellation Sirus, the brightest star in the sky. "I've got it." He wispered still looking at the map in astonishment. "I've got it!" This time the joy echoed through the room before he scampered out to inform the rest of his team and maybe get one step closer to stopping this unsub.
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SSA Dr.Spencer Reid
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